Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My new pet.

This is my new pet, his name is Snappy.
I picked him up at the commissary yesterday for a few bucks. The lady at the checkout told me he was so beautiful (not sure I agree) and that he will catch flies AND mosquitoes! I grabbed him just for the fly catching, but if he can catch the sucker that's been eating my baby at night then he will be my new best friend!

Anyone else have millions of mosquitoes in their house? We are lucky to have screens on our windows, most Italians don't seem to have them and yet they still fling their windows wide are they not being eaten alive???


  1. great blog! You have some good tips I didn't know about! :)

  2. We have screens too but I swear they don't do anything for keeping bugs out. >___>
    I might have to pick one up when we go today....

  3. They don't have screens in Germany either. More than bugs, I find that a lot of dirt/dust finds it's way into my house!