Monday, July 18, 2011

Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet

Verona has captured my heart. Everyone says that Venice is so romantic, well I think Verona is even more so. It is simply beautiful.

On Saturday's there is a market in the Piazza delle Erbe. I saw some beautiful plants (lemon tree, yes please), ate an amaaazing canoli and smelled the beautiful cheeses. 

The beautiful Arena di Verona (Verona's version of the Colosseum, it is the third largest Roman arena) sits on the Piazza delle Erbe. In the summer you can catch an Opera here for less then 20 Euro to sit in the nosebleeds.
Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet. While the story is fictional, supposedly there were in fact a family of Montagues and a family of Capulets here in Verona a long time ago. There is a little court yard you can walk into and see "Juliet's balcony", for a fee you can go inside and stand on the balcony yourself. The statue of Juliet brings good luck through the rubbing of her breasts, yes I'm serious.
Lover's from all over the world sign their names on the walls going into Juliet's courtyard. The walls are so covered in names that some people have started to stick their gum to the wall just to have a blank spot to write. When you walk into the courtyard watch for a stairway on your left, walk up these stairs until you see a mailbox, this is where you place your letters to Juliet (If you haven't seen the movie "Letters to Juliet" you should watch it before you go, it's a cute chick flick.)
You can buy a "Verona card" that will get you into several different churches and museums. It is a two day pass for only 15 Euro. (Children under 12 are free to pretty much everything in Italy). We didn't go inside anything this go around, we just wanted to wander around and take in the beauty that is Verona.


  1. Absolutely LOVE Verona! We go there when we want to do something but can't decide on what to do! It's so close and so much to see! Next time you go, hit up the Gardens! They have a maze made of bushes that is really quite enjoyable for all ages!!!!!

  2. I loooooooove Verona!!
    oooh I haven't done the gardens yet... must go again soon then. :D