Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone finds someone to enjoy this holiday with. It can be hard to be away from home for the holidays but good friends and food always help alleviate that, so give someone a call! I'm sure we will skype with the family later as well.

This year I am so thankful to have the opportunity to live in Italy. I have heard a lot of people complaining about living here and it makes me sad. On the one hand, yes it is hard to be far from home and family and familiar things. But on the other hand I think it is all about your attitude. It can be oh so wonderful to experience all of these new things. Yes, it's scary sometimes. But it's wonderful too. The time will fly by and soon each of us military families will move back to the states, this is really a very short time we have here overall. So ENJOY it!

This year I am attempting to brine my turkey. Wish me luck! I hope this recipe works:

Let's eat!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Padova is a city very close to Vicenza. It is close enough to drive to but I don't recommend doing it. Driving in Padova is super confusing and there are a lot of "zona traffico limitato" areas you have to watch for, or places you can't go or else you get a ticket. I took the train the other day and it was only a few euro and took less than 20 minutes to get there.

Padova is famous for their food market. Every morning you can find fresh foods being sold in the piazza della frutta. There is also a meat market under the arcade of the building you see here.

Padova is a major pilgrimage site due to the impressive St. Anthony's Cathedral.

"At 90.000 square meters, "prato delle valle" is the biggest square in Europe and probably one of the most beautiful in the World. Historically a Roman theater and later a fairground, it was redone in 1775 to the present layout: a large central grassy area, surrounded by a statue-lined canal, then a broad expanse of flagstones before a couple lanes of traffic are allowed to trickle around it in the distance. Saturdays the square hosts a giant market." (
Padova is home to the oldest University. The best part of the University is their graduation hazing which you can watch on any given day as they graduate them one by one there about every 20 minutes. Once they come out of the University from graduating they are at their friends and families' mercy. They have to put on a ridiculous outfit and do silly things while reading a poster of their "life's story". It is quite entertaining. Periodically everyone breaks out into a catchy little song that says something along the lines of "doctor, doctor, you're just a doctor of the butt".

Next time I go to Padova I would like to reserve tickets in advance to see the amazing frescoes in the Scrovegni chapel.