Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Antique market in Piazzola

Europe has some amazing antiques. Everything here is just so much older then in the U.S. so there is some pretty neat stuff to be found. When I heard about the antique market in Piazzola (just past Camisano, about a 25 minute drive from base) I had to go check it out. It is on the last Sunday of every month.
Piazzola Sul Brento is a small town but hosts the antique market (one of the biggest, if not THE biggest in Italy) because they have a very large Piazza (big open square). On the Piazza is the Villa Contarini, a classic Palladio villa.
We parked near this church and walked into the main Piazza. There are tons of vendors, they overflow out of the piazza and into the little streets leading to the piazza. There were amazing glass chandeliers of every size and color, old Louis Vuitton trunks, figurines, jewelery, old military stuff from WWI and much more. So much neat stuff to see. I recommend you go at least once, even if you're not into antiques.

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