Sunday, July 10, 2011

Scuba Croatia

For those of you in Vicenza, did you know that our Outdoor Rec here on post has won the award for being the BEST Outdoor Rec anywhere? If you have been in there before, it probably doesn't surprise you. They are awesome, tons of info, lot's of fun trips and even equipment you can rent.

We decided to take advantage of their scuba program. It is through NAUI (the certification that the military scuba divers use). They have a beginners and advanced course.
For a week, every evening, we went over a text book (to learn all the scarey things that can happen in scuba and how to prevent them) and practiced diving in the pool.

Then for a four day weekend we headed to Pula Croatia where we stayed at the Stoja campgrounds in mobile homes with a view of the Adriatic. We dove 8 times, mostly right off the beach where we were staying and once from a boat. The boat dive was neat because there were underwater arches to swim through.
I was little scared that the course would be really hard, but it wasn't so bad. You just have to stay calm and take it slow. It was tons of fun to be able to breath underwater and swim with the fish.
So whether it's scuba or some other program, I recommend you take advantage of our awesome Outdoor Rec program!

Cost: $400-$450 for the beginners course, about $200 for scuba equipment that you have to buy (snorkel and mask, weights, rescue buoy, fins, you rent the rest of it from outdoor rec and the fee for that is included in the course fee) plus whatever you spend on food while in Croatia for four days. The place we stayed had a fridge and stove top, so I brought food.

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