Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's talk about trash....

Ah yes, trash. So much fun. Italy requires you to recycle. There are six categories of trash.

These first three get picked up every other week on a rotating schedule:
1. Plastic & cans
2. Glass
3. Paper and Cardboard

4. Ecocentro (branches, wooden pieces, oils, appliances, old shoes & clothing, old furniture, have to bring this stuff to them, there is no pick up.)

5. Humid waste (See below.)
6. Dry waste....everything else essentially. Pick up once a week.

Number 5 is the hardest for me. Food. They want you to recycle food. They even give you a cute little bucket for it. It's smart in theory, it keeps my big trash can from stinking. I discovered really quickly that even though they pick it up twice a week it's almost not enough. At first I had it in my house, but I couldn't stand the smell. So I put it outside, and now it is often times infested with maggots. GROSS. Seriously.
You're supposed to put your humid waste in a biodegradable bag. The ones they sell at the commissary are a bit pricey, and I recently discovered a cheaper option. Every bag I've ever bought from an Italian grocery store (yes they make you buy your bags) has said "biodegradable". And they are only 10 cents! Score!

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