Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cutting your hair...

Many people wonder where they should get their hair cut/dyed in Italy. I have heard lot's of different reviews of different places. My neighbor moved here and very bravely walked to the closest hair salon and had them cut her hair, she loves it. A friend of mine found a groupon (yes they have it in Italy, but it's in Italian so be prepared to translate the fine print) for a salon in Padova, she told them not to put red in her highlights, but they did anyways, and she's not happy. I have heard that Italians like to be "creative" in their hair cutting, so be prepared. 

I heard good and bad things about the hair places on post, mostly I heard "go to the family salon across from the post office, not the beauty shop in the Px". So I decided to give that a try. Overall, I think I like it. Sarah did my hair, she was very friendly and spoke great English, no problems there. I think it's just like moving anywhere...you try a few different places until you find the one you like. 
I wanted my hair shorter and kind of choppy layers. I think she did pretty dang good, it's just going to take some time to get used to it being shorter. They charge 12 Euro for a cut without the styling.

Where do you get your hair cut/dyed? Anyone have any horror stories? Happy stories?

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  1. Haha. Nobody warned me about the beauty shop on post! And I wondered why I was the only one in there when I got my hair cut there a couple of weeks ago. Haha! It turned out ok. It was just kinda awkward because I was the only one there, and the girl who was cutting my hair didn't speak any english. Luckily I was just getting a trim. I will definitely go to the family salon next time though.